Spa It Up...Evening!
 At 1 With The Earth...Warm Steam Therapy  

I have always loved steam; and right here...right now...I am extremely excited to offer Warm Steam Therapy for you!   And...right here...right now...Warm Steam Therapy is available for one or two spa seekers at the same time if you would like to bring someone with you!

You may add on Warm Steam Therapy to your existing massage therapy or energy work of choice; and, you may request Warm Steam Therapy before or immediately following your massage therapy or energy work. 

20 Minute Warm Steam Therapy 
Before/After Massage Therapy or Energy Work....$20.00

Warm Steam Therapy promotes an abundance of health benefits.   At 1 With The Earth offers Warm Steam Therapy insomuch that your body receives the steamhowever...your head does not which presents you with the opportunity to relax and feel the amazing effects of warm steam longer while taking in long deep breaths.

At 1 With The Earth offers the following Specialty Warm Steam Therapies while your essence relaxes on a comfortable massage table, surrounded by a comforting atmosphere that presents calming music, beautiful lighting and warm steam

Detoxification Warm Steam Therapy...

One (1) Session...$85.00
Three (3) Consecutive Sessions...$210.00
Detoxification Warm Steam Therapy is a therapy that begins with a comforting massage using a purifying and detoxifying massage oil.  Upon completion of the massage,  a grounding layer of Earthy Detoxifying Clay is placed on your anatomy just before steam therapy begins.  Steam therapy is blended with revitalizing herbs in the steam water for purification and detoxification.  Once a full steam is realized a light layer of Circulation and Lymph Oil is placed on the lymphatic pathways.  Then...a finishing blend of Finishing Butter and  is applied via light massage to your anatomy to help close pores and lock in hydration. 

To receive optimum purification and detoxification results, consider receiving Detoxification Warm Steam Therapy three days consecutively upon each new season (summer, spring, winter, fall).  Spa seekers who complete this program will be healthier as the seasons change. 

Detoxification Steam Therapy is also highly recommended for seekers who have gone through chemotherapy; and a minimum of the three day consecutive session program is recommended for seekers who want to start Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction Therapy. 
 Weight Loss Assistance Warm Steam Therapy...

One (1) Session...$85.00

Full Program...$500.00
(8 Sessions at 2 Times Per Week for 1 Month)

Weight Loss Warm Steam Therapy works to help increase your metabolism while at the same time assists with weight and inch loss and reducing cellulite while trimming excess body fat. 

A reality measurement check of progress is taken before the full program begins as well as during and after so you will come not only feel the reduction of weight loss but you will be able to measure it as well.

Weight Loss Warm Steam Therapy is a comforting and yet effective program that may help you achieve your goals no matter where you are with them...whether you are just starting to work to lose weight or you hit a plateau and you need additional assistance to reach your next goal.

It is recommended that prior to beginning Weight Loss Warm Steam Therapy, you complete the consecutive three day Detoxification Warm Steam Therapy. addition to Detoxification Warm Steam Therapy, I recommend that you add to your daily water intake the essential oil blend of Slim and Sassy from DoTerra...which is available onsite here At 1 With The Earth for $32.00/bottle.

Sore  Joint and Muscle Relief
team Therapy...

One (1) Session...$85.00

Full Program...$500.00
(8 Sessions at 2 Times Per Week for 1 Month)

The flow of this comforting Warm Steam Therapy begins with a warm oil massage utilizing the ancient Ayurvedic blend of Mahanarayan Oil.  Mahanarayn oil is nourishing and strengthening to tender and sore muscles as well as productively soothing for sore joints as it assists to improve blood circulation and encourages healthy energy flow.