Treatments of India

The Fascinating 5,000 year old Treatments of India...

Shirodhara...ask for Shirodhara if you desire to calm and restore the nerves, release stored emotions, and purify your mind, body and soul.   Shirodhara has been traditionally shown to help to restore energy and balance... and furthermore, calm the mind.

As you relax in supine position (face up) on the warm and comfortable massage table in a dimly lit room, an @1WTE Signature Sensory Stimulative blend of warm natural oil streams from a copper vessel over your third eye center and forehead.  The warm oil streams off your forehead, through your hair, and down your scalp.   It is this steady, rhythmic steam of natural oil that induces a deeply relaxing and intriguing state of consciousness called ‘Turiya’ ~ the state of awareness that is neither fully conscious nor deep sleep. While in this Turiya state, one is able to witness and/or release impressions in our conscious and subconscious mind.

After the stream of natural warm oil is realized, a head, neck, and shoulder massage is offered to further penetrate the oil into your skin.

Receiving Shirodhara regularly will enhance the blood circulation to the brain, improve memory, nourish hair and scalp and assist in achieving sound, productive sleep.   Shirodhara has even shown to improve the quality of voice and intuition...and so much more...that's much more. 

As a massage therapist and active seeker of awareness and a higher state of consciousness on a progressive level, I am completely fascinated with the study and delivery of Shirodhara; and I have a spirited passion within to share the concept and treatment thereof. 

In Ayurvedic Medicine, Shirodhara is considered an effective offering in the pursuit of higher states of consciousness.  To go deeper into Shirodhara, click this.

Time and Investment
Initial Shirodhara Treatment
60 minutes...$  95.00
90 minutes...$110.00

Second through Fourth Shirodhara Treatment
60 minutes...$  85.00
90 minutes...$  100.00

ShiroAbhyanga (Head Massage of India)...Ask for ShiroAbhyanga if you desire to heighten your sense of awareness...calm and balance your mind, body and soul...and seek deep inner peace. 

During your ShiroAbhyanga, you relax in supine position (face up) on the warm and comfortable massage table in a dimly lit room...then, I slowly massage oil onto your head and begin to artistically work pressure points on your head and face; and later, I travel my way down to your neck, shoulders, and upper arms.
Within an hour before you choose to turn in for your daily or nightly sleep, is an exceptionally profound time to receive in doing so, you will discover that it brings a relaxation to your mind thereby leading to and ensuring sound, productive sleep. 

The ShiroAbhyanga is powerful in effects upon the mind and nervous system; and such an enriched way to surrender your active day...

The ShiroAbhyanga may be administered with or without sensory stimulation.   To go deeper into ShiroAbhyanga, click this.  

Time and Investment
30 minutes...$45.00

60 minutes...$85.00

ask for Abhyanga if you desire a full body massage given with sensory stimulative warm oils to improve physical consistency, induce deep relaxation, and capture a glowing luster to your skin as the warm oil nourishes and penetrates within.

During Abhyanga, marma points will be stimulated which helps with detoxification and energy flow.  Marma points are anatomical sites on your physical body where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones, and joints meet.  Effective conditioning of these sites can improve and maintain a good health balance and goes beyond the physical to penetrate the body on a deeper level.  Abhyanga with marma conditioning tends to your entire essence...physically, mentally, and emotionally.  To go deeper into Abhyanga,
click this.

Time and Investment
60 minutes...$85.00

90 minutes...$110.00

@1WTE Unique Signature Blends...

Fire Signature Blend
Time...3 hours   Investment...$.215.00
  • Naysa Therapy*...5 minutes
  • Lemon & Himalayan Salt Detox                               (soles of feet)**...10 minutes
  • ShiroAbhyanga...30 minutes
  • Shirodhara (full stream)...60 minutes
  • Abhyanga...75 minutes

Earth Signature Blend
Time...2 hours   Investment...$165.00
  • ShiroAbhyanga... 30 minutes
  • Shirodhara (full stream)...30 minutes 
  • Abhyanga...60 minutes

Water Signature Blend...90 minute
Time...90 minutes   Investment...$125.00
  • ShiroAbhyanga...30 minutes
  • Shirodhara (full stream)...30 minutes 
  • Abhyagna...30 minutes

Air Signature Blend
Time...90 minutes    Investment...$125.00
  • Shirodhara...45 minutes
  • Abhyagna...45 minutes

*Naysa Therapy...description
**Lemon & Himalayan Salt Detox...description