The Earth Spa
At 1 With The Earth...The Earth Spa  

I am creating a spa that is earthy and energy unique...insomuch that it will be completely utilized on a private only basis meaning that you can reserve time here at the At 1 With The Earth...Earth Spa, privately for you only or for you and your choice of friends and/or family members...and this is why...

...when you are in a comforting environment whether you are alone or with your selected friends and/or family, there is selected-familiar energy surrounding you.  This selected-familiar energy allows you to unconsciously gravitate to a relaxation state of being that enhances the activation of even deeper relaxation.  And...I want your time here to be focused on only the energy you choose to bring with you...whether you choose to be here alone...or with selected friends and/or family so the relaxation and comforting feelings of well being are achieved at a greater level of existence.

I am creating and building the At 1 With The Earth...Earth Spa...via phase development that currently includes and will include...however...will not be limited to the following:

Massage Therapy/Energy Work (Available Now)
Warm Steam Therapy (Massage Table Deliverance) (Available Now)
Outdoor Warm Steam Therapy (TBA)
Color Therapy Warm and Hot Infrared Sauna (TBA)
Indoor Color Therapy Hot Tub Relaxation Room (TBA)
Comforting and Intriguing Himalayan Salt Cave, Salt Mine, and Salt Brick Room (TBA)
Color Therapy Rain Shower (TBA)
Horizontal Shower (TBA)
Copper Soaking Bathtub (TBA)
Real-Live Wood Burning Fireplace Relaxation Room (TBA)
Foot Soak and Foot Massage by (Real-Live-Wood-Burning) Fireplace (TBA)
Outdoor Deliverance of Massage Therapy (TBA)
Massage Therapy via (Real-Live-Wood Burning) Fireplace  (TBA)
Yoga/Stretch Work/Meditation/Relaxation Room (TBA)
Liquid Therapy (TBA)
Oxygen Relaxation Bar (TBA)
Pineapple Bar (TBA)
Hospitality Beverages (Available Now)
Hospitality Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (TBA)
Overnight Accommodations (TBA)
The Closet...At The Earth Spa (TBA)