Words Of Those...Who Testify
Words of Those...Who Testify

I hold words, and the manner in which I choose to use them, very close to my heart.  And I believe, as I am sure you do, words are powerfully effective in diversification of deliverance...words expressed through song...words expressed through conversation...words expressed on paper through the hearts of others who testify about a life enhancing experience...

Many have written words regarding their unique experience here, At 1 With The Earth... and because of the power thereof, I am choosing to share with you, with permission of course, individual expression of words so that you may more fully come to understand the perseveringly progressive potential here, At 1 With The Earth...

I will frequently share words of others who testify of their experience...from just a handful at a time...for the sole purpose of capturing and sustaining focus on what is being expressed...

I had been having some neck and shoulder pain for about one month.  Donna provided a full body massage along with focused  stretching of the muscles in that area, and almost immediately upon completion of the massage and stretch work, the pain was gone.  It is now five days later and I am still completely pain free.  I will definitely use her services again. 

Jean Bisek

Dear Donna:

Today is the perfect day to tell you that you have given me so many amazing gifts.

You have shown me how to get out of my own way by helping me release blocked energy and getting in contact with my true inner voice.  You have helped me grow spiritually and heal me physically.  You are a true healer walking the timeless path of caring service.  You bring light, compassion, and depth to every interaction.  You have shown me that it is completely possible to live your life by embracing your heart and living your truth.  I can only become a better person by knowing you.

Thank you for the privilege of receiving your gift of Reiki and Shirodhara.  I approached both disciplines with an open mind.  With the Reiki, the negative energy I was carrying was replaced with a warm, comfortable, almost familiar energy.  When my first experience with Reiki came to an end, I felt an amazing sense of peace, a peace that has sadly been absent for some time.  Just when I thought it doesn't get any better than this, I had my first session of Shirodhara.  No words really...words only minimize the experience.  It just brought me to a completely different level of self awareness, which was an unexpected gift.

God has given you a special gift.  What you're doing with it is your gift back to Him.

- Darci
My personal experience with Donna and At 1 With The Earth has been great.  Donna's positive energy and her love of life and living comes through in her massage therapy.  Donna really loves what she does and it shows.  From the way she greets me at the door in her bare feet to the warmth and coziness of the room, it is all Donna.

I have truly enjoyed my treatments and cannot wait to get another one scheduled.  I highly recommend checking out her website and starting treatments with Donna.  She is very flexible, accommodating, and good to work with.  She is amazing!

- Heidi Stevens


I just wanted to say the Ashiatsu massages have really been helping.  I am finally starting to see a decrease in the muscle tension in my back and neck.  I believe this is because of the increased pressure you are able to apply by using your feet and body weight.  I don't like 'soft' massages from other therapists, as I don't really feel any different afterwards.  However, I definitely felt like my muscles had been worked over and were more relaxed after my massages with you.  This has resulted in significantly less neck and back pain, and reduced headaches.

Thank You,
James Luderitz, DDS
Just a few words from Donna...

If you have already read the words above from Darci, you know that after her first Shirodhara treatment she wrote this:

             "Just when I thought it doesn't get any better than this, I had my first session of Shirodhara.  No words
             really...words only minimize the experience.

Since the time Darci gave the above letter to me, she has been in to see me for a second and third treatment of Shirodhara... and guess what...she found words...and, here they are: 

 Immediately after second treatment:   "Pure Experience"

Immediately after third treatment:  "I couldn't feel my body.  I was able to separate my body and mind and only feel my mind.  Amazing!" 

There is a page on this website called "Deeper Awareness" and you will find my personal words pertaining to my unique deliverance of Shirodhara here,
At 1 With The Earth.  Here are some of my words from that page:

I have been around the country studying Shirodhara, this incredibly rich, fascinating aspect of Ayurveda...and I sincerely want you to know, that you will find one of the most relaxing, smooth-flowing, artistic deliverances of Shirodhara right here, At 1 With The Earth, for I have such a deep passion and respect for this work...and this deep passion and respect is so incredibly crystal clear that you too are able to feel it...absorb it...and greatly benefit from it insomuch that at times, you will not want to leave...nor will I want you to leave for the positive energy...the calmness...the peacefulness...the enlightenment...the warmth...the healing...the electrifying sensations are abundant and flowing and just so fascinatingly incredible.

I absolutely love this work...I believe in this work...

Donna Stuart