Massage & Bodywork

Massage of the oldest known healing arts...

Swedish...ask for a Swedish massage if you desire to calm your mind, body, and spirit.  Your Swedish massage may be administered with or without sensory stimulation.

Allowing your body to experience Swedish massage therapy will greatly enhance its circulatory system... meaning that more oxygen will flow to muscles, tissues, and other areas of anatomy...fantastic, right? 

In addition to a sense of calmness and more oxygen, Swedish Massage Therapy presents an abundance of benefits for your mind, body, and go deeper, click this.

Deep Tissue...ask for a Deep Tissue massage if you desire to relieve deeper levels of muscle tension, chronic pain and flexibility.   During Deep Tissue therapy, traditional massage technique is taken to a deeper, slower level... thereby focusing on and positively affecting the deeper musculature and tissues of the body.  Your Deep Tissue massage may be administered with or without warm stones from the earth and with or without sensory stimulation.

Although Deep Tissue Massage is an intense massage with powerful results, it is done in such a way as to encourage the body not to react defensively.  The depth and pressure of the work is kept within your comfort range; furthermore, Deep Tissue massage may improve your energy level...that's right...your energy level.

To go deeper into the concept and benefits of Deep Tissue massage, click this.

Reflexology...ask for Reflexology if you have a desire to improve circulation, release tension, stimulate creativity and productivity, induce relaxation and revitalize energy.

During Reflexology, you relax while lying on the warm and comfortable massage table in a reclined position while I artistically place pressure on specific points of your feet and hands and sometimes even your ears which causes a physiological response in your body...improving blood and nerve supply to your muscles which brings a balance and restoration of health to you.  As I complete the work on all pressure points, a massage on your feet and hands is then offered to take you further into a relaxed state of being.

Reflexology is another ancient healing art offered by Egyptians over 5,000 years ago and works to strengthen your body from an internal perspective.  Reflexology can be administered with or without sensory stimulation.  To go deeper into Reflexology, click this.
Time and Investment...

 30 minutes.....  $40.00
 60 minutes.....  $75.00

 90 minutes.....  $110.00

  2 hours.......... $145.00
  3 hours.......... $175.00

Warm Earth Stone/Swedish Blend...
ask for this unique blend if you desire calmness and a deeper level of muscle release and surrender, realized via the heat of natural earth stones.

@1WTE offers natural earth stones that have been and continue to be self-harvested within Montana as well as throughout many other various areas of the country... never the altered polished stones as found at the majority of clinics, spas, and individual practices throughout the world.  

The @1WTE Warm Earth Stone/Swedish Blend will send a warming and calming message to the nervous system enabling it to engage in a meditative state and, may be administered with or without  sensory stimulation

For a deeper understanding of this unique artistic hand and warm earth stone delivery, click this.

Sacred Sea Stone and Sand...Ask for this blend to experience warm sea stones and compression of warm sand to initiate responses of relaxation.  And artistic hand and sea stone massage deliverance blended with a touch of Ayurveda, an ancient science of India.  

Sea Stones offered in this @1WTHE unique blend, have been self-harvested from the shorelines of Rhode Island and Connecticut and brought to Montana. Additional sea stones and sand for compression will be brought back to Montana from the sea shorelines throughout the country, and even so, throughout the world.   

For a deeper understanding of Sacred Sea Stone and Sand, click this; to go deeper into the concept of Ayurveda, an ancient science of India, click this.

Warm Bamboo Fusion...