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At 1 With The Earth...FXP Hula Hoop Fitness

While the class schedule is still developing, you may stop in to purchase your FXP Hula Hoop now!  You receive your Hula Hoop and some basic instruction immediately so you can begin to work on your foundation skill at home before attending class!  The Initial Instruction is $50.00 which includes fundamental training and your FXP Hula Hoop!   Hula Hoop choice of color...purple and black, teal and black, or pink and white.  (The cost of a Hula Hoop is $35.00 each when purchased in and of itself.)

To Begin your At 1 With The Earth...Hula Hoop Journey...

Call 406.670.9996 and schedule a time to take a tour of At 1 With The Earth.  You can schedule your time privately or with a group of friends and/or family.  If you are encouraged about what you learn, see and feel then you may choose to move forward to participate!   The cost of your hula hoop and initial instruction is $50.00 per participant and after initial instruction, you take your hula hoop home with you to practice!


When you are ready for At 1 With The Earth...Hula Hoop Sessions, purchase your $64.00 Session Pass which includes eight (8) hula hoop sessions and an "Excellent Work...Earth Spa Benefit" immediately following each session.  The "Excellent Work...Earth Spa Benefit" is offered immediately after each At 1 With The Earth...Hula Hoop Session and includes one of the following Earth Spa features per session with more Earth Spa features to be added throughout the year: 

  • 10 Minute Halo Therapy
  • 10 Minute Foot Soak & Massage
Declare your Pathway...

              1 Session Per Week for 8 Weeks
              2 Sessions Per Week for 4 Weeks
              4 Sessions Per Week for 2 Weeks

My Philosophy on Pathways...

FXP Hula Hoop Fitness Health Benefits...

More information and photographs of the environment coming soon!

Donna Stuart, LMT
Creator/Owner of...At 1 With The Earth
Certified Fitness Trainer

Here is a photograph that I set up and shot at a dance studio in Framingham, Massachuetts
after I completed onsite training to teach FXP Hula Hoop Fitness!   August 2015

This is the Hula Hoop that I use during classes here at the At 1 With The Earth...Studio.

If you would like to come into the studio to get a good feel for the Hula Hoop prior to
purchasing classes, please do so!  Call me at 670.9996 to set up a time or stop
by during open shoppe hours!