Ashiatsu & Stretch Work

Ashiatsu & Stretch Work

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy...ask for Ashiatsu if you desire a deeper yet comforting relief of muscle tightness as well as an incredible, healthy stretch...

With Ashiatsu, you relax via lying down first in prone position (face down) and then later in supine position (face up) on the warm and comfortable massage table while I stand on the table holding onto overhead bars for balance and support...then, I utilized my feet to deliver centrifugal and centripetal movements along the contours of your back, glutes, legs, arms, hands, and feet...compression is realized by my gravitational body weight per your desired comfort level.   

The series of movements and stretches given to you via Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy are meant to elongate and relieve muscle tightness which promotes healthy, strong posture; and this therapy delivers the effectiveness of deep tissue but the feeling of smooth flowing Swedish...simply incredible, right?   

The history of Ashiatsu travels back thousands of years from cultures across Asia, India, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.  Ashiatsu may be administered with or without sensory stimulation; to go deeper into this fascinating offering, click this.

Time and Investment
for Ashiatsu...

 30 minutes.....  $45.00
 60 minutes.....  $85.00

 90 minutes.....  $110.00

  2 hours.......... $150.00
  3 hours.......... $205.00

Stretch...ask for Stretch, a signature blend of movements, that will deliver the physical sense of your body feeling lengthened and strengthened. This technique involves stretching, holding, and leaning my body weight into various parts of your improve energy flow, blood circulation, flexibility, and posture.

As you experience Stretch, you will be rejuvenated with an enhanced range-of-motion.   Stretch may be delivered as a sole healing art or blended into Swedish.  Stretch may be administered with or without sensory stimulation go deeper into Stretch, click this.  

ask for Ashi-Thai if you desire to have your body relax while at the same time have your mind and body realize and receive an internal feeling of a physical increase of range-of-motion through stretch.  Ashi-Thai brings forward the favorable circumstances of your body experiencing an increase in energy flow and blood circulation while at the same time the healthy physical attribute of a strengthen and lengthened posture.

Ashi-Thai is an absolutely fantastic approach to stretching your muscle anatomy.  The deliverance of the stretch work is realized as you relax on the comfortable and warm massage table and I do the work of stretching for you while I stand on the table and productively use the strength of my feet, legs, arms, hands and body weight to delivery stretches and compression in a style that offers comfort and encouragement thereby assisting your body to reach a higher level of range-of-motion existence.  This work is accomplished in a positively graceful yet effectively impressive style...allowing your mind to give full awareness to the feeling of the stretch that is guided in harmony with long, deep, and most productive breaths of air.

Ashi-Thai may be administered with or without sensory stimulation. go deeper into Ashi-Thai, click this.  
Time and Investment
for Stretch & Ashi-Thai...

 30 minutes.....  $30.00
 60 minutes.....  $60.00

 90 minutes.....  $90.00

  2 hours.......... $110.00
  3 hours.......... $150.00